Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers

A crown (cap) is a restoration that is placed on teeth that have lost a lot of their structure. There are various types of crowns, ranging from full porcelain to full metal crowns. Dr. Jakubek will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each kind for you.  Crowns may also be used to securely attach a bridge if the structure of the surrounding teeth is inadequate.

A bridge is a dental appliance that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are designed to be cosmetically appealing and to restore proper occlusion. Like crowns, bridges are fully customizable and made of various materials, including porcelain and metals. Although not as permanent as a cap, bridges are bonded to the surrounding teeth and only removable by your dentist.

Both crowns and bridges are created to match the color, height, texture, and overall appearance of your teeth. Most crowns and bridges will last for life, eliminating the need to replace them unless they fall out or become loose. You may prolong the durability of your crowns and bridges by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Veneers can enhance the shape of your teeth, make your teeth as white as you want, and give you the smile you have always desired. Additionally, Veneers are bonded to your tooth structure, which gives them strength.

Went in with a broken tooth and had to get a crown. Was all done in one visit. Very professional, explained the whole process and excellent work.
— actual patient review by by Rosemary N. on 5/3/2018


A crown, otherwise known as a cap, is custom-fitted to your bite and is placed over your natural tooth or dental implant.

We recommend this procedure for those who have an intact tooth without root rot. The tooth may be damaged or decayed on the surface.


Restoration with cerec

We have installed the latest technology to enable us to provide ceramic crowns, onlays and veneers in a single visit. This means that if you need restorative work done it is possible to have this completed in one appointment and not take valuable time from your schedule.